Executive Board Meeting

2010-9-30, EST9:00pm to 11:00pm

(6:00pm to 8:00pm PST, China 9:00am to 11:00am).

Hosted by Frank Yelian
1.    Activities at ASRM 2010 Denver – please participate and support!

  • 10/24 Sunday 7:00pm to 9:00pm GCARM board meeting and ChSIG officer meeting.
  • 10/25 Monday 8:15am to 8:45am, ChSIG member meeting (business meeting).
  • 10/25 Monday 6:30pm to 8:30pm GCARM dinner. See separate flyer for details.
  • 10/26 Tuesday 1:15pm to 2:15pm RTT01. PCOS in China – Xiaoke Wu, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 10/27 Wednesday 1:15pm to 2:15pm RTW30. How to Implement Vitrification in the IVF Lab? – Wei-Hua Wang, Ph.D.
  • 10/27 Wednesday 1:15pm to 2:15pm Interactive Session -Traditional Chinese Remedies for Endometriosis: Mechanisms and Efficacy of Herbs and Acupuncture. A Joint Session presented by the Chinese Special Interest Group and the Endometriosis Special Interest Group. Pamela Stratton, M.D. (Chair) Caihong Ma, M.D.

2.    Website- It has been up and running; Working with the bank to set up online payment; ASRM activity announcements need to be posted on website and emailed.
3.    GCARM dinner meeting 2010 – organization report and preparation.

4.    GCARM Award – update and preparation

5.    ChSIG – Preparing report to ASRM about the activities in 2009-2010; ChSIG leadership transition – nominations

6.    Next meeting – Tentatively set on 10/14, Northern America is Thursday evening and China Friday morning – we will meet again one week before ASRM to make sure everything is in plac

2010-8-29, EST 9:00pm to 10:45pm

Hosted by Frank Yelian
1.    Treasurer’s report

  • A GCARM bank account has been set up in San Francisco, California. Tax ID has been issued by IRS. Ready to set up online payment service.
  • Current balance includes membership fee, Smith medical donation and Vitrolife donation.
  • Review membership due:
    • Initial membership registration $50 for 1 year;
    • Initial membership registration $100 for 3 years (encouraged to reduce admin time);
    • Renewal of membership $25 for 1 year;
    • Renewal of membership $100 for 5 years (encouraged to reduce admin time).

2.    Website

  • Continue to use and will get the website up and running soon.
  • Meeting notice or other information will be posted on website. Responsibilities are defined.

3.    GCARM dinner meeting 2010

  • Must reserve restaurant ASAP based on head count;
  • Need to coordinate number of colleagues from mainland China.
  • Dinner announcement will be prepared.
  • Flyers will be designed and printed.
  • To attend the event, must RSVP to Zhao Yu-Lian
  • Will send group email to disseminate the meeting notice.
  • Dinner is on 10/25 Monday evening.
  • Submit recommendation for two presenters, one laboratory and one clinician, on topic of vitrification

4.    GCARM Award

  • Award will be presented at dinner meeting and will include scientific awards, service award, training award and lifetime significant contribution award.
  • Award committee has generated rules for awardee nomination and selection.

5.    ChSIG

  • Presentation on endometriosis –working on preparation (Ma Cai-Hong);
  • Round table presenters – Wang Wei-Hua (vitrification) and Wu Xiao-Ke (PCOS)
  • ChSIG leadership transition

6.    GCARM leadership transition – To be discussed in next meeting

7.    GCARM board meeting in Denver – To be discussed in next meeting

8.    New board member nomination and evaluation was discussed

9.    Next meeting was tentatively scheduled.

2010-4-17, EST9:00pm to 10:00pm

Hosted by Frank Yelian
1.    RBMonline affiliation – done
2.    Website – Need to be updated; discussed the contents that are needed to be on website soon.
3.    ASRM 2010 – ChSIG organized 2 round tables – Wang Weihua (vitrification) and Wu XiaoKe (PCOS); ChSIG joint symposium with endometriosis SIG – Frank Yelian is co-chair and Ma Caihong is one of the speakers; GCARM member dinner meeting (The content and format of this dinner meeting was discussed in previous board meeting and nominated a committee to organize this event).  ChSIG executive board meeting must be held before Monday to elect next Chair and officers for ChSIG; GCARM board meeting will be held (The meeting time will be Sunday evening after opening ceremony); ChSIG member meeting at ASRM 2010– schedule will be sent as soon as it is available.
4.    Membership and due

5.    Next meeting in two months

December 5, 2009, EST9:00pm to 10:00pm

(6:00pm to 7:00pm PST, China 10:00am to 11:00am on 12/6/2009).

Hosted by Frank Yelian

The following topics were discussed:

  1. GCARM affiliation with RBM online- Received a letter from Fiona from RMBonline that GCARM members will receive online subscription of RBMonline for only $25 per year; (normal price is $125 online journal per year). Members unanimously agreed that it is a significant benefit to members who does not have their institution subscription of RBMonline.
  2. GCARM membership and due
  3. GCARM website
  4. GCARM and ChSIG activity at 2010 ASRM

□       ChSIG will organize two round tables and the proposal has been submitted to ASRM:

Xiaoke Wu, M.D. : PCOS in China
Weihua Wang, Ph.D.: How to implement vitrification in IVF lab?

□       ChSIG is also invited to join endometriosis SIG to organize an interactive session and asked to cover the area of research/clinical experience of treating endometriosis with traditional Chinese medicine. The proposal is also submitted to ASRM:

The speaker for the session is Dr. Caihong Ma, from The Third Hospital of Beijing University, China. She will need to write the learning objectives and multiple choice questions. Frank YeLian will be the co-chair to modulate the session. Dr. Ma is an excellent speaker and has experience speaking internationally.

  1. Does ChSIG want to organize another interactive session? Deed to decide soon.
  2. Relationship of GCARM with CMS and CARM
  3. Recommendations for future meetings
  4. Recommendation for future GCARM development

Recommendation for future board meetings

November 8, 2009, US Central time 9:00pm to 10:30pm

Online conference call sponsored by Frank Yelian

Meeting minutes:

  1. Dr. Yelian organized and hosted the meeting. He summarized our recent GCARM board meeting and ChSIG member’s meeting in Atlanta. He also proposed a list of activities in the near future.
  2. Dr. Tan and Dr. Leong discussed ASRM 2010 ChSIG activities – discussed program topics and presentation format:

Suggested topics:

□       Fertility preservation

□       PCOS

□       Minimal stimulation and natural cycle IVF

□       IVM


□       Symposium

□       Interactive session

□       Debate

□       Round tables (topics will be determined separately. We will host two round tables. Need everybody to suggest topics and presenters)

No conclusion yet and will continue to discuss and finalize the plan at next conference call.

  1. CARM and GCARM joint activities in the future was discussed.
  2. GCARM development – Dr. Yelian stated that there are hundreds of Chinese who work in ART field outside mainland China. In the U.S. alone, probably ~30 IVF laboratory directors. GCARM serves an important role to bridge the collaboration between all Chinese-origin colleagues. While other ethnic groups try to unite at international level (Mid-east, India, Europe, Japan, etc.), Chinese should only do better.

□       Member recruitment was discussed.

□       We hope we will continue to expand the core body of members.

□       Dr. Weihua Wang and Dr. Kangpu Xu suggested we continue with the tradition of GCARM member dinner at ASRM. But we organize an educational event (forum – interactive discussion, such as laboratory protocols or stimulation strategies. Board can select moderators each year). Fund can be raised from different vendors and/or paid by attendees (ticketed event). Invite all Chinese-origin colleagues. All agree this is a great idea and we will try to implement it in 2010 ASRM.

□       Dr. Xu suggested we should have annual awards for members who contributed to the society. The awards will be announced at the dinner event.

□       Dr. Shehua Shen suggested that GCARM should have broad representations, including members from Asia, North America, Europe, …

  1. Meeting time – considering Monday morning may not be the best timing for mainland colleagues. It was suggested to have next meeting in Saturday evening (US Eastern time), which is Sunday morning for China. We assume everyone has internet access at home. It is very simple and easy by just clicking the link and talking to everybody online, meanwhile seeing the presenter’s screen (ppt. presentation, figures, agenda items, etc.).
  2. Next meeting – in 2-3 weeks (early December).

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  1. Milton Leong says:

    I am looking for a senior embryologist who can take charge of an IVF lab. Must be experience in all IVF techniques but mire important in QA/QC.
    Someone with leadership quality and would like to make his/her career (finish his/her working time?) in hong kong.
    We are doing around 1000 fresh and 459 FET cycles a year and expanding. Current pregnancy rates are over 40% both fresh and frozen.

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